16 Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Do you like a nice, organized kitchen, but need some help getting there? Here are 16 Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas from House Beautiful. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house. We tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens especially if we make all of our own meals at home. While it is fun to make all of your own recipes at home, it can get pretty messy. There is also the duty of safe food storage and organizing all of the ingredients to your recipes to keep your kitchen running smoothly. When you have all of the ingredients to recipes in your kitchen organized, it just makes it so much more easy to find everything you are looking for. Safe food storage is also key for preserving a lot of the foods you have on hand as well. There are so many ways that you can implement clever kitchen storage into your kitchen even if you are renting or live in a smaller sized space. This list from House Beautiful shows us many different options for clever kitchen storage that will take your kitchen from feeling like chaos, to calm and organized.

The things that make our lives easier can sometimes be the simplest of things. Like making sure that everything has a place. Don't you find that when everything in your home has a place you just are able to make your recipes with more ease? Half of making a recipe is knowing where all of your ingredients are, and where all of your measuring tools are so that you can get to business. The visual appeal of having everything organized is also liberating and it feels great when you can look around your kitchen and it just looks good. The list of 16 kitchen storage ideas inspires us to get organized and they have some wonderful do it yourself home projects that are fun and easy to do. For some of these projects you can take things that once served another purpose and up cycle them to serve as kitchen storage. For example one of the great do it yourself home projects featured in this slide show is to use an old dresser as a kitchen counter top and as storage drawers. With a little fresh paint and some new handles, that dresser will fit right into your kitchen decor. Another one of the do it yourself home projects is to use old window shutters as a storage rack by putting hooks on it to hang kitchen utensils on. This would work wonderfully for finding all of those kitchen tools in a snap.

It is good advice to always try and keep the clutter on your counter tops minimal. The more space you have on your counter tops, the better. It not only makes the kitchen look cleaner, it also frees up valuable space when you are wanting to make recipes so that you have tons of space to spread out and make your food. Another tip to make our lives easier is to make sure that everything has a container. You can also buy things in bulk instead of in packaging. This saves money and it saves packaging from the landfill if it doesn't get recycled. Containers like mason jars, tupperware and even certain office storage solutions can work wonders in organizing your kitchen. So check out these great storage ideas from House Beautiful and be inspired to organize your own kitchen. You can find other great articles on the website as well, that showcase home design, renovation, lifestyle and gardening. Everything you need for your home in one place.*

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