4 Ideas for Meatless Night

These 4 Ideas for Meatless Night are great healthy dinner recipes that you can enjoy any night of the week. It seems these days people are looking to change up the way they eat, and healthy foods for dinner is a good start. Having one or two nights of vegetarian food a week is a good idea for both your family and the environment. Incorporating meatless meals into your healthy dinner recipes is a good way to eat. Going meatless may seem like a foreign idea to some with images of tofu and unfamiliar foods. The truth is vegetarian recipes are often quite similar to the recipes people are used to just with a few of the ingredients changed up. Vegetarian cooking doesn't have to be bland; there are plenty of flavorful, nutrient-packed healthy foods for dinner. The bulk of the protein in these good healthy dinners recipes comes from beans instead of tofu; you can also try throwing in some fake ground meat or soyrizo, a soy-based chorizo sausage if you'd like.

One of the healthy recipes for dinner includes a West Indian red beans and rice recipe. This healthy foods for dinner idea are inspired by the Moosewood Restaurant and includes red beans and coconut rice. For this healthy dinner recipes, the rice is cooked in coconut milk for extra flavor. The good thing about this vegetarian recipe is that it is a fast healthy dinners idea great for those busy weeknights. Another of the healthy foods for dinner is a vegetarian chili recipe; this vegetarian recipe is so good you won't even notice the meat isn't there. The good healthy dinners idea uses black bean soup, diced tomatoes, vegetarian baked beans, garbanzo beans and kidney beans. All of the ingredients for this fast healthy dinners idea are thrown in the slow cooker and cooked for two hours on high or four hours on low. A pasta e Fagioli good healthy dinners is another recipe idea that uses white beans for protein, pasta, plum tomatoes, white wine and spices for a pasta recipe you won't soon forget. Healthy recipes for dinner never looked so good.

When it comes to healthy recipes for dinner rice is a good addition. Rice can be used in good healthy dinners as a side dish, or a main dish recipe. All sorts of good healthy dinners can be served on top of rice, for hearty stew recipes and healthy rice bowl recipes. When it comes to using rice in good healthy dinners, you can choose either white rice or brown rice. Brown rice is a healthier version of rice, but it takes longer to cook. If you are using rice for fast healthy dinners, you'll want to be sure and soak it first to reduce the cooking time. Rice is a great addition to a variety of good healthy dinners from stir fry recipes, chili recipes, rice bowl recipes and more. Rice is also one of the main ingredients in sushi recipes. A good healthy dinners the idea is to make vegetarian sushi that uses vegetables and fruits like carrots, cucumber, sweet potato and avocado in place of the fish.

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