4987 Sq. Ft. Log Cabin Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle, Your Budget and Your Dreams

Building a log cabin or house can be a huge undertaking. This 4987 square foot log cabin is designed to fit your lifestyle, your budget and your dreams. It's always a very big decision to make to build your own home from scratch or have someone build it for you. Within the 4987 square feet of space, this log house features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with two half baths, spread out over three floors. With this design, there is a main floor, and upper floor and a lower apartment that is a walk out suite. It's nice to have a walk out basement instead of a basement that's in the ground because it feels more spacious and less confined. You can see right out the windows to the world around you, and there is a private entrance that doesn't require any stairs to climb. When building a log cabin or home, it's great to expand the home upward in this way because it simply builds upon the existing square footage, whereas building out, increases the square footage of the home.

This is one of the most beautiful log house packages you have probably ever seen. The design is just extraordinary, with so many amazing features. One of the most notable features of the home from the exterior is all of the amazing windows used in this design. One of the walls is totally covered in windows from floor to ceiling, which is in the living room area in the home. All of these windows provide such an amazing flood of light in the space, as well as capturing the views of the surrounding areas. In this case, the Gerald Cedar Timber Home is located on a secluded piece of property which has some pretty amazing views to behold, and plenty of trees and nature. This would be one amazing house to live in to say the least. Outside, there is even a separate bar and kitchen area where the owners can entertain guests and enjoy parties and the kitchen inside is quite amazing as well. The owners of this home wanted a place where they could really entertain, and Beaver Mountain company definitely delivered.

Even though the design is quite large, it still has a very cozy, warm essence and the use of warm colours and large, comfortable furniture really helped to cozy up the space. The company did a very good job of building a log house that embraces the client's needs and desires, and they will be happy living in this home for many years. If you are considering building a log cabin or a log house, you may want to consider going with a builder like Beaver Mountain. Especially if you want a custom design that is completely your own style. Buying and building log house packages is a great option too, and you can personalize them, but the with the handcrafted log houses you will have more of that authentic log house look and feel. Log house packages are created very uniformly, with manufactured pieces that interlock easily. Handcrafted log houses come with a bit more character, since the logs will be more organic, and not so uniform. Building your own log home has it's benefits if you don't mind doing a lot of the hands on work yourself, but having a company build your home for you really takes all of the stress off of you so that you can enjoy the final product once it's completed. Enjoy having a look at all of the wonderful photos of this Gerald Cedar Timber Home, and some of the other log houses featured on the Beaver Mountain website.***

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