High Protein Spaghetti & Meatballs

I love making my own pasta, and my favorite is High Protein Spaghetti & Meatballs. In fact I make it so often I have started looking around from more exotic varieties and when that didn't work, I learned how to make my own. I especially love adding color to my pasta, in the form of vegetables to the sauce or coloring to the actual noodles themselves. I have tried to turn the noodles an array of colors, and can use red peppers to make pasta red and spinach to make the noodles green - even orange! I was experimenting with "multi-colors" and it didn't turn out exactly as planned so it turned out to be a murky-brownish black color. The pasta actually looked very neat next to the sauce when it was this "odd color" so I started to research natural ways to make "dark colored" pasta. A favorite way of mine to make the pasta black, is by using squid ink (its edible and doesn't have a strong taste, just a strong color). Pasta can be a bit tricky, but once you know how to handle it, you cant really over knead it, it just needs to be sprayed with water to let the pasta dough glue to each other. I found the best recipe to make simple squid ink pasta is this:

Semolina flour (for sprinkling on counter and in-between cutting)

25 grams squid ink (two and a half tablespoons)

1 large egg

540 grams flour (three and a half packed cups)

2 teaspoons salt (kosher)

Of course you will get the high protein from the meatballs. Once you lightly mix the ingredients, knead the dough, let it rest and then roll out the dough to cut your pasta. This high protein meatball recipe is made with some lean ground beef, some chopped baby spinach, garlic salt, some gluten free bread crumbs, and some Trader Joe's Organic pasta sauce.

When I was browsing the internet I came across this recipe from Healthy Eater, and the recipe calls for "black bean spaghetti" made from organic beans and water. That's it! Barely any ingredients and you can make a delicious pasta! I am intrigued as now I can try another color and flavor to my recipes! I am eager to see how it tastes and can't wait to try a product that is organic, certified gluten free, raw and vegan. They also say it is hard to over-cook this type of pasta and it is an innovative solution to people with dietary problems.

We can all use a little healthy eating once in a while, and on this site you will find healthy eating ideas. This site helps you get on the right track to eating and feeling better. If you are sick of feeling tired and sick, then you should know that you are not alone, and that changing old habits are easy to do. Your unhealthy eating habits may be a result of addictive and emotional habits and associations we have with food, some of your bad eating habits could be the result of hormonal and genetic dispositions. Others are just really confused when it comes to eating, so it's no wonder we struggle with our weight.

The writers on this site are knowledgeable about the things they talk about. Ted Kallmyer has his B.A., and M.Ed, and he is a successful dieter who works out on a regular basis, and is known for his great cooking skills. He has experience with flexible dieting, and you can also follow him on his Instagram account. Then you have Dan Bolton, he is into crossfit, flexible dieting, and other healthy eating habits. The two combined offer up lots of great information that might inspire you, even a little to get on the right track to eating healthy, and in the grand scheme of things that is a great thing.

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