Rainbow Waffles

Stop your boring routine of waking up early in the morning to make your family brown, flavorless waffles, and add some color to them today! These Rainbow Waffles are fun, sweet, and kid friendly. Who doesn’t want to eat waffles that are every color of the rainbow? I know I do! They will brighten anyone’s day, and are delicious when topped with whipped cream and lucky charms. They also do not take too long to make, and they will keep everyone full and content. It will no longer be difficult to get your fussy children to eat their breakfast with this tasty and simple recipe. With so many vibrant colors in each bite, your children will be happy to finish their plate of food, which is something that isn’t seen often. Surprise them one weekend by adding some color to their food, and they will soon be begging you to make more. These Rainbow Waffles will warm your heart and your family’s.

You may be wondering how one makes these colorful luscious waffles. The trick is quite simple. With the use of food coloring, you can take plain waffles and make them any color your heart desires. If you want to make these waffles healthier, top them with some fresh fruit. Strawberries, bananas, and blueberries are always a great option. Most children love the taste of these fruits, and they always make you feel energized in the morning. Fresh maple syrup is also something your family may enjoy eating wit them. Whatever your family enjoys eating with their waffles will go great with these rainbow waffles. If you are feeling hungry, top these rainbow waffles with everything: fruit, syrup, lucky charms, and whipped cream. Then, dig on in! That would be a super fun dessert to make for a birthday party even. Have all of the colours and have the kids, depending on the age, add their own colour swirls and then, you cook them up for them. Once they are done, you could just have them add all of their own toppings. Have a bunch of different toppings out on the table for them to choose. What fun that would be, even for adults!

Around the world, many families are consuming waffles on a regular basis. Countries where waffles are eaten frequently include the United States, Belgium, and France. Walk into any diner in the United States for brunch on the weekend, and you will find many devouring a stack of waffles while conversing with friends and family. Eating waffles on a Sunday morning has become an American custom. While the word, “waffle” did not appear in the English language until 1725, it has been around for some time in other languages them stem from the Frankish family. So, people have been enjoying waffles for a very long time as you can see.

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