10 Best Cancer Fighting Foods

Of all the diseases identified in the medical field, cancer has made its own name because of its fatal impact to mankind. It is classified as a disease caused by irregular and sudden cell growth which tends to form malignant tumors. The causes of cancer can range from smoking to prolonged infections. If diagnosed in an early stage, it can be treated by chemotherapy and other invasive techniques. But why wait for you to suffer it when you can keep yourself safe from it? After all, prevention is always better than cure. Most often, it’s about what you eat and here are 10 foods best recommended to fight cancer.

1. Grape fruits. These are rich in Vitamin C which is responsible for thwarting the growth of nitrogen compounds which are usually causing cancer.

2. Sweet Potatoes. These foods contain Beta-Carotene, fiber and Vitamin C – a combination of antioxidants capable of saving you from getting stomach or any kind of cancer. Among women, it deflects the chance of having breast cancer by nearly 50%.

3. Turmeric. This is the yellow colored spice that you can see in curry powers and are actually anti oxidants and anti inflammatory. It helps interfering with cellular signals which can help prevent growth in your body.

4. Pomegranates. These foods are capable of eliminating cancer in the body by neutralizing the substances trigger cancer growth.

5. Berries. Raspberries and blueberries are well known in the area of cancer cure and prevention. They have chemicals capable of fighting off cancer.

6. Ground Linseed. These are great sources of Omega-3 fatty acids which slow down cancer growth and tumor expansion in the body.

7. Tea. It consists of compounds called ‘catechins’ known to stop cellular metamorphosis which contribute to cancer advancement.

8. Cruciferous vegetables. They belong to the cabbage family and are known source of phytonutrients that are recognized to have lots of beneficial effect on the body, including the characteristic to battle against cancer.

9. Wild salmon. Studies show that Vitamin D deficiency can cause cancer growth. Wild salmon is rich in this vitamin and can help prevent growth of cancer cells.

10. Peanuts. These food are identified to supply Vitamin E which helps diminish threat of having stomach, lung and other cancers.

Cancer, it’s cure and prevention can all be managed by a lifestyle designed to stabilize cell growth. If you can add these foods to your menu and make it a habit to get them in your system, then you're building yourself a great wall of protection against the said disease.

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