10 Dining Mistakes You're Making That You Never Knew About

When we eat there are unspoken rules that we tend to follow, that were passed down to us by our parents. Sometimes we don't even know why these rules exist, we just know that we follow them and everyone else seems too as well. Here is a post with 10 Dining Mistakes You're Making That You Never Knew About! Who made up these rules anyway? It had to have been in the Victorian age when everyone was becoming more proper. There are things that we don't even know why we do, yet we just do them, it's kind of funny when you think about it.

Animals in the wild, and most likely our ancestors didn't eat the way most people in mainstream society do now. Eating was a very primal activity, and people just probably tended to gobble down their food before anyone else could take it away from them. So most likely, when people decided they wanted to be more civilized, they decided to banish some of the less that pretty behaviors and implement some more proper table etiquette than scarfing food down with our hands, and chomping away with our mouths wide open.

Did you know that you can communicate that you are finished your meal or even that you didn't like it, just by how you place your utensils? There is a drawing in the slide show that shows the proper placement. Also, learning the different types of glasses and cutlery for a formal dinner party can save you a lot of panic when you are put in front of 4 glasses, and 8 different types of cutlery. There are also rules from other cultures, like the Japanese actually find it very rude to rub your wooden chopsticks together. Want to find out more of these rules so you are up to speed?

Some other dining mistakes people often make, without being aware that they are inappropriate include; standing your chopsticks up in the rice bowl, you never want to do this! It's considered an offering to the dead; salt and pepper, never pass the salt and pepper separately, always pass them together; Napkins are used only for one thing at the dining table, and that is for dabbing a mouth. Never wipe your mouth with a napkin, you should always just dab; for a formal dinner place setting, you can have up to four glasses. The top left glass is for red wine, then directly below that you will find the white wine glass. At the top right you will find a champagne glass or perhaps a smaller glass for dessert wines or port. On the bottom right is your water glass.

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