10 Genius In-Flight Dining Hacks

You will love these 10 Genius In-Flight Dining Hacks, they will save you time and money, any you'll know all of the ingredients that go into making these recipes. While many airports are offering healthier options more and more like barista quality coffee and restaurant run by famous chefs, it can get quite pricey and often there are line ups. Making your recipes is often the more tasty and healthy option to bring food for the long journey to where you are going. Besides it's always nice to have recipes in your bag that you know are going to make you feel good both during and after the flight. Flights have a way of dehydrating and making us feel tired, so by making your healthy recipes you know, you will be getting tasty but healthy snacks that you need to feel good.

Some of the healthy snacks ideas for adults and healthy snacks ideas for kids include your cereal mix recipe. This tasty but healthy snacks idea has you filling a resealable bag with your favorite brand of cereal recipe, some mixed nuts, some dried fruit such as chopped apricots, figs raisins or cranberries, flax seeds and some cinnamon. You can bring your own biodegradable spoon and ask for some milk and an extra cup to use as a bowl when the flight attendant is offering you a beverage, or you can bring your own. Another healthy snacks and meals you can bring a long are to pack a fruit salad that won't crush while you travel. Try using some firm fruit for your recipe. Fruit like cherries, apples, plums, watermelon and pineapple chunks. You can even try using quarts of berries that will keep tight with rubber bands to hold them closed. Another tasty but healthy snacks idea is making your own portable breakfast recipe. You can make things like homemade muffin recipes, scones, breakfast burritos and other recipes that fit nicely into the palm of your hand.

For healthy snacks ideas for adults and healthy snacks and meals you can try making your own DIY charcuterie spread. Purchase an ice artisan loaf, something like a rustic sourdough loaf or classic baguette. Then for a healthy snacks ideas for kids you can slice it at home and drizzle it with some olive oil. Then seal up the slices of bread in a resealable plastic bag so that it won't go stale while traveling. Then once on your flight, you can assemble a picnic in flight with things like cheese, olives, roasted red peppers, salami, and mustard. Another healthy snacks and meals ideas include making a grain salad recipe. You can make a hearty, and healthy layered salad recipe with a grain base and then chunks of your favorite veggies like cucumber and tomato, grilled mushrooms and squash, beets, red onion, shredded carrots, and chopped leafy greens like kale.

Thank you to the folks at the "Real Simple" site for sharing these tasty but healthy snacks for genius in-flight dining hacks. These are just a few of the healthy snacks ideas for adults and healthy snacks ideas for kids. Other healthy snacks and meals you will find on the site include main dish recipes, side dish recipes, dessert recipes, vegetable recipes and more. You will also find all sorts of ideas from food recipes, home, style ideas, life, holidays, shopping, organizing and more. Some of the other dessert recipes you will find on the site include how to make a coffee cake recipe, healthy snacks ideas for kids; chocolate covered cookie recipe, truffle recipes and more. *

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