10 Ghost Stories That Are Totally Freaking Real

Alright, since it’s already twelve o’clock midnight, let’s have a little storytelling. “Perfect! I got a story to share. My fridge is empty.” *silence* That is one of the creepiest stories I've ever heard, pal. You are not alone because I’m here for you. *hugs* However, there is a better horror story than your empty fridge. The world has its own stories to share too – about ghosts. Believe me. These ghost stories will totally freak you out. Let’s start with two of these top 10, and guys, please keep the lights on, would you? *lights on* Here we go!

The Burrillville Farmhouse, ladies and gentlemen, is my favorite among these 10 (probably because I've seen the film). If you have already watched the movie ‘The Conjuring’, you already know some parts of this true horror story. The tale begins with the Perron Family who bought the Old Arnold Estate located in Harrisville in Rhode Island. The family moves in there in 1971, and that is the beginning of the haunting. “The Perrons witnessed many other ghost sightings and unexplained phenomena in that old farmhouse,” says Tripzi Bit in the blog ‘The Unsolved Mysteries in the World’. The evil spirit that is said to have caused havoc in the family and the farmhouse is Bathsheba Sherman, an alleged Satanist. *silence* Would you live in the farmhouse with Bathsheba? “It’s not even a question. I’ll never step inside that farmhouse.” High five!

Another ghost story is the Amityville House. The story unfolds when the 23 year-old Ronald DeFeo Jr. kills his parents, two brothers, and two sisters. A year later, George and Kathy Lutz, with Kathy’s three daughters, move in to the house. It didn't take them a month to decide to leave their home. In their 28 days of stay, the Lutzes have been disturbed by evil forces. Their furniture (owned by the Defeo’s) have been moved, demonic red eyes seem to look at you from the corner, and some strange welts have showed up in Kathy’s body.

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