10 Ghost Stories That Will Haunt You for Life

Now is the time to get a little spooky around here. Oh! Who’s that headless guy to your right? *silence* “Don’t you kid on me!” Just kidding! Put it right there! *offers hand for a low five**winks* “No.” Alright, but you know what, guys, you can never deny the fact that ghosts exist. I know some of you can’t see them, but you can feel and hear them - the cold gush of the wind and the strange whispers and midnight cries when you know you’re alone. Since I’m feeling mean today, I’ll tell you two of the top ten ghost stories that will haunt your life. Let the haunting begin! *winks*

Have you heard about the famous 900-year old Tower of London? It is considered as one of the haunted places on earth. “The Queen's House is considered by tower officials to be one of the most haunted locations,” says Owen Jairus from the Live Science website. There are many spooky stories around the tower, two are mentioned by Jairus. “A phantom bear is said to haunt one section of the Tower of London, called the Martin Tower. A guard who saw the phantom bear is said to have dropped dead from the shock. The Tower of London served as a menagerie for part of its history and held a variety of animals, including bears,” Jairus narrates.

One ghost story is by Plutarch. Plutarch is a Greek historian, biographer, and essayist. In his ghost story, a boy named Damon from Chaeronea in Greece kills a Roman military commander. The commander is attracted to Damon. However, Damon refused to go with his advances towards him. This lit up the commander’s burning fury. Knowing that the commander will kill him, he gathers his friends, and they plan to ambush the commander.

Want to know about the second Tower of London’s creepy story what happened to the Damon’s ambush? Find out by clicking Live Science website below. *winks*

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