10 Insane Home Remedies You Never Knew About

As the name implies, home remedies are quick and easy fixes to problems while at home. It's not necessary that you fill your medicine cabinet with everything the drugstore has to offer. You might be surprised at how a seemingly ordinary and useless thing around the house might just be the therapy you need.

This article offers ten outwardly insane and unconventional home remedies. I mean, who would believe that kitty litter can be used as an alternate for mud face masks? Pretty bizarre right? But apparently, it works. From the common fever to relieving motion sickness, this helps us employ household items and articles, as first aide. For mothers, this article might be your saving grace. Most of the stuff used for these home remedies can be found in the kitchen. It makes sense since traditional medicine used herbs, spices and other food items found in nature. Mother nature, after all, is the best healer. Many would wonder why use home remedies when there are actual and tested drugs to treat each ailment or injury? The answer is as simple as being able to apply immediate remedy. Like I said earlier, we can't possibly stock up on every medication for every different sickness or injury. This is the best first course of action for sudden and unexpected incidents.

Even during our modern times, many people still consider traditional remedies for different ailments. For years and years, these remedies have been tried and tested by our great ancestors. And basically, where would modern science derive its means for creating generic medicine for the buying public? It's always better to go back to our roots and nature. Aside from the widely-known chicken soup as a remedy for colds and the flu, these ten home remedies should be added to your list as well. But don't forget, nothing is more soothing than a warm, caring and loving touch to ease the pain.

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