10 More Rare And Beautiful Horses that are Like Nothing You've EVER Seen!

Gentle giants, beautiful warriors, majestic souls, the spirit of the plains, a warriors best friend, these are all phrases that can be used to describe this magnificent creatures. Their hooves glitter and gleam in the sunlight, their coats are soft and silkier then satin sheets, their manes long and glorious that fall beautifully over their broad shoulders. Have you guessed what these beautiful creatures are yet? They are horses, strong, broad, beautiful, majestic and free.

This group of horses despite their amazing and unique characteristics also have something that sets them apart from others. You won't find horses like this anywhere. It's not every day that a foal is born, and grows up and possess the qualities that these beauties do. From the Akhal Teke, and its brilliant coat that looks as if it was hand painted by gods with a metallic sun color, to the amazingly beautiful spotted Appaloosa who first went viral when she was just a foal, and a horse so carefully marked with snowflakes that looks as though they fall from a beautifully darkened winter sky, to a show horse who is a mixed breed and goes by the name of Austin. This collection of horses is truly amazing. You will not see another horse anywhere in the world exactly like the ones that you see here, they truly are a unique!

The truth is that all horses are beautiful. Horses have been great companions to humans even from the beginning. Some of the purposes in which horses have been used for include being used for shows, work, or even therapy, they are amazing gentle giants who deserved to be recognized.

If you would like to read more about these beautiful creatures I have mentioned, and see the rest of the horses that are included in this group , click the link below and you will be redirected to the Pet Flow blog where there stories are all shared together!

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