10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Aliens Have Visited Earth

We have searched the heavens and the skies for generations for the 10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Aliens Have Visited Earth. I believe over the passage of time, mankind lost knowledge, skill and technology due to a catastrophe and is finally aware enough to rediscover it. An example, is an ancient Indian scroll that depicts Vimanas.

Vimana means several things from temple or palace to mythological flying machines, and these “flying palaces” are described in many Sanskrit epics, which are arguably the oldest written texts of the world. These mythological flying machine documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships. The method of propulsion described was "anti-gravitational" and was based on that of "laghima", the unknown power of the ego existing in man's physiological makeup, "a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull." This "laghima" enables a person to levitate, according to this ancient text. The text also describes "Astras" that were on board these machines. The ancient manuscripts were also said to reveal "antima" which was "invisibility" and "garima" on "become as heavy as a mountain."

The topics covered include: "definition of a pilot, of an airplane with aerial routes - more topics included food and clothing, metals and metal production, mirrors and their uses in wars, varieties of machinery and yantras. Planes like: mantrik, tantrik, and kritak and four planes called Shakuna, Sundara, Rukma, and Tripura are described in greater detail for the "benefit of all mankind"."

Apparently a part of the lost science series "Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis" the 8 chapters discuss the following:

1) how to construct airplanes, which won't break, which can't be cut, will not catch fire, and can't be destroyed.

2) how to make planes motionless.

3) how to make planes invisible.

4) how to hear conversations and other sounds in enemy places.

5) how to retrieve photographs of the interior of enemy planes

6) how to ascertain the direction of enemy planes approach.

7) how to make persons in enemy planes lose consciousness.

8) how to destroy enemy planes.

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