10 Ooey Gooey Chocolate Desserts

Exquisite chocolate desserts are only minutes away with this awesome list of 10 Ooey Gooey Chocolate Dessert recipes from Mom Spark. Have you ever noticed that chocolate seems to be one of the most well loved desserts out there? We find chocolate used in many different cultures for recipes, and it has been enjoyed since ancient times. Chocolate is made from the cacao plant, which grows a bean -like pod creates the cacao nib inside. From this amazing plant there are two main items that can be derived from its parts, the cacao nibs the cacao butter. When the cacao nibs and the cacao butter are mixed, you have chocolate! When the nibs of the cacao plant are ground up into a fine powder, we have cacao powder, and when it is processed even further, it becomes cocoa powder, which we know the best from baking recipes.

The unprocessed cacao is much healthier and denser in nutrients than the processed cocoa powder, which has been hearted and processed. Cacao powder and cacao nibs alike, have a lot of magnesium in them, as well as vitamins and minerals that are less in processed cocoa. Chocolate increases dopamine and endorphins in the brain helping us to have feelings of happiness. The Mayan people is one culture that has been using cacao for centuries. The Mayan people have always revered cacao as - The Food Of The Gods, and have created intricate ceremony around ingesting the plant medicine as a sacred act. If you visit some of the Mayan temples there are still Mayan people who make the chocolate by hand and add in very little sugar or milk, so that you can try out some of the very authentic style chocolate. In American culture, chocolate has taken many forms including the milk chocolate recipe that you find in most candy bars. But there are so many other amazing recipes to try out to enjoy chocolate and it's great benefits.

If you are craving some serious chocolate indulgences, then this is the recipe list for you! You have come to the right place! This list has some of the most decadent chocolate recipes ever... you will be drooling just looking at them! Some of the chocolate recipes you can find here include skillet recipes, cake recipes, cookie recipes and more. An indulgent molten lava chocolate cake from Give Recipe, looks amazing, a beautifully dense and rich chocolate cake with a soft, liquid centre. This cake is sure to cure the most intense chocolate cravings you might have! The kit kat cream cheese bars also look heavenly, and kit kat happens to be one of my favourite chocolate bars too! You can try out the delicious ultimate gooey brownie recipe from Handle the Heat that look like they are so moist and bursting with sweetness and chocolate.

The very first recipe at the top of the page instantly draws you in, it is a recipe for Gooey chocolate ice cream sunday cake from Willowbird Baking. This chocolate dessert recipe is chock full of chocolate, nuts and served with scoops of ice cream on top of it. Imagine how fun that would be to dig into after a nice meal. All of these recipes are generally fairly easy to make as well and don't require a bunch of fuss in the kitchen. The chocolate chip cookie dough bites covered in chocolate would be the perfect little treats to bring to a party, or sell at a bake sale! You will find plenty of ideas over at the awesome Mom Spark website! Enjoy your chocolate delights!

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