10 Phenomonal Kitchen Gadgets Under $25

Gadgets, gadgets how loves gadgets? Kitchen tools are not only fun, but they can really help you to save time in the kitchen and in life. If you are on a budget, there are certain tools available that are not too expensive and can really help you to keep within your budget. The few gadgets coming below are all under 25 dollars and really make the most awesome gifts for family and friends, or if you love to cook, are perfect to keep for yourself too.

The first gadget that falls into this category of being both helpful and handy is the Sushezi Sushi Bazooka, which falls in the price of under 25$. It is the perfect gift for people who absolutely go crazy for sushi but cannot justify eating out so many nights and paying for big restaurant bills. Eating out always ends of costing more. How this tool works, is that it helps making sushi a lot easier. This tool which is a plastic extrusion sleeve and looks like a small bazooka. You literally just need to add the ingredients inside and close up the tool so that the sushi rolls get pressed perfectly and tightly into shape.

The second kitchen gadget is the rice cube for just under 20$. It is for people who love to eat and serve finger food that is fancy! This fun little tool presses the rice and other ingredients into perfect cube shapes that you can eat bite sized and serve as finger food. You can use it with any kind of rice, or get creative with boiled potatoes or other ingredients.

A third fun tool is the Bananza Banana slicer. It is under 10$ and is great for people who love bananas. The great part about this tool lies in its dull safe edges, so that kids can use it rather than a sharp knife. It is a great way to get your kids in the kitchen helping and also helping them have fun choosing healthy snacks.

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