10 Rarest Horse Breeds

The relation between humans and animals has existed for centuries. One example of this distinct association is the one between the humans and the horses.

In the past horses have been used for transportation or pulling wagons. Contemporary horses are being used for therapy with individuals suffering from mental or behavioral health ailments. The conditions treated with equine assisted therapy comprise PTSD, anxiety, and even autism, since there is direct stimulation to the brain when riding or even petting the horse this explains the benefits of such therapy.

There is about 400 breeds of horses, this includes the American Cream, the Caspian, Cleveland Bay, Colonial Spanish Strains, Hackney Horse, Newfoundland Pony ,these are just a few of the names of the rarest horses in the world. The distinctive traits of the American cream horse are his whimsical white eyes and cream shade. The Caspian is a horse with a smaller stature, once thought to be an extinct breed, the Caspian horse is part of the Iran fauna and its name originates from the Caspian Sea where after centuries of not having any sighting of the breed they were rediscovered in the area. The Cleveland Bay horse can be described as a strong horse and is Englandís most archaic horse. The Hackney horse also originates from England and have been bred to be of a statuesque stature and to be fast. The Colonial Spanish Strains are also known as the Spanish mustang and is characterized as an athletic breed and possess a great sense of endurance. The Newfoundland pony, as the name would give it is a breed from Newfoundland in Canada. Behind this breed there is a sad story, due to economic reasons this horse was sold at one point in large quantities as livestock for consumption purpose. Which explains why itís current population to nearly 400. To read more about some of the rarest horses in the world visit the website link below to the 'Horse Nation' website.

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