10 Shockingly Weird Ways People Became Millionaires

In this day and age, we all want to make a quick buck. However, a lot of people have absolutely no intentions of making a living the traditional way – getting a job at a company. Instead, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, spending years trying to figure out a way to make a lot of money unconventionally.

But, let’s face it – every idea you had is probably not that great. We bet that you can’t even remember 5% of the business schemes you ever came up with. Keep in mind that even though these ideas may seem stupid to you, it doesn’t mean that your plan won’t be profitable.

It takes a lot of guts to pursue something that other people (including you, most of the time) view as weird and stupid. But, the people we’re about to mention decided to ignore everything, and go with their instinct. And boy, did it pay off! All of them are millionaires now.

You will see a lot on this list, from a man pretending to be Santa providing the service of sending Christmas letters to children, all the way to a company making an artificial underwater habitat using people’s ashes. But, no matter how silly it may all seem, just remember that these people actually make a hell of a living doing what they do.

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