10 Strange and Beautiful Horse Breeds

With over 350 breeds of horses in the world, it is possible you may have never heard of or seen these 10 strange and beautiful horse breeds. Featured on 'Mother Nature Network', you will find descriptions and photos of these gorgeous creatures. Originally from Turkmenistan this hearty breed with high endurance stands out. With a unique shiny, metallic coat this breed draws attention wherever he goes. As does the curly coated breed. With a coat similar to that of a poodle, it is rumored that this breed just might be the perfect answer for those who are allergic to horses. Rumor is that it is hypo allergenic, however there are no studies to back this up. Making the list is an "endangered" breed.It's strong bulky physic and gentle nature are enduring this once loved breed to the new generations. That, in part with the German government's efforts to protect this beautiful horse, has allowed this breed's number to be on the rise once again.

Two semi feral or semi wild breeds also make the list. One was used as target practice during World War II as well as being poached for meat! This same breed is quite unique in that it has a "toad eye" and a thick coat with oily hair that keeps water away from the insulating undercoat. Essentially making this little horse waterproof. Perfect for the wet conditions is which it is native to. The other semi feral breed is the Camarague. Grey, nearly white, found in France, it is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Another breed on the list is a long life breed (40 to 45 years), small in size and amazing in trainablilty. The Falbella is a great horse for acting a a guide animal for physically disabled people. This little beauty, considered one of the smallest horses in the world is originally from Argentina.

'Mother Nature Network' is an excellent resource for learning how to "Improve Your World". From 12 plants that repel unwanted insects, to how to grow your own birdseed, to the top 50 staples for the vegan, you will find information on all kinds of topics, including 10 strange and beautiful horse breeds. From breeds with interesting, crazy and inspiring hair do's, to ones with amazing history, as well as horses that serve incredible services, these 10 strange and wonderful horse breeds are well worth checking out. Did you know that there is a type of horse who grazes in wetlands? And did you know that by doing so the wet land eco system is improved, thereby providing improved habitats for several species of birds? To learn more about these precious horses visit, 'Mother Nature Network', or follow the link below.

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