10 Totally Clever Kitchen Food Secrets

Cooking may be a tedious process, but some people still enjoy doing it. There are certain workarounds to being able to work in the kitchen efficiently but hassle-free. So, to prove this, here are ten extremely clever and smart kitchen food hacks;

1. Edible Chocolate Cup - To make an almost perfect edible chocolate cup inflate a few small balloons then dip the round end in a bowl of soft chocolate, When the chocolate hardens just pop the balloon and VOILA! You've made your chocolate cup for serving snacks and desserts in.

2. Fresh Bananas - To make your bananas last longer, remove each one from the cluster then wrap plastic around the stems of each one.

3. Hard-Boiled Eggs - Instead of boiling your eggs, try baking them. Set your oven to 325F then bakes for about 30 minutes. Take it out of the oven, make sure to sink the eggs in ice water for easy shell removal.

4. Evenly Cooked Burger Patties - It's as simple as placing an indent or it at the center of each burger patty using your thumb to allow for even cooking of the burger.

5. Perfect Pizza Crust - In the manner of having your stone oven, place thin bricks on the lower rack and top rack of your oven when making pizza. It creates crisp and evenly baked pizza crusts.

6. Homemade Taco Shells - Warm tortillas in an oven preheated at 375F. Once they are pliant and bendable, just spray them with some cooking spray and drape each tortilla on the oven rack with two sides of the wrapper hanging.

7. A twist on Iced Coffee - Instead of the usual and boring ice cubes in your iced coffee, prepare Oreo cubes. Simply crush Oreo cookies, put them in ice trays, and then add milk. It will be a welcome change for iced coffee drinkers.

8. Tea Time - A guide to types of teas and how to properly prepare them:

White = 149-158* F for 1-2 minutes

Yellow = 158-167* F for 1-2 minutes

Green = 167-176* F for 1-2 minutes

Oolong = 176-185* F for 2-3 minutes

Black = 210* F for 2-3 minutes

Herbal = 210* F for 3-6 minutes

9. BLTs and Bacon Burger Weaves - Instead of just placing the bacon across the top of your sandwich or burger, create a basket weave with the bacon strips before cooking.

10. Fresh Eggs - To determine the freshness of an egg, sink the eggs in a bowl of water and follow this guide:

Very fresh = fully submerged and lying on its side

Week old = Submerged at bottom, but fat end slightly rising

3 Weeks old = Submerged but balanced the tip with a fat end on top

Bad or Rotten = Floating

There you have it, just a few simple food hacks to make your cooking easy-breezy. You're welcome!

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