10 Whimsical Ways to Dress up the Fence in Your Yard!

When the weather starts to get a bit warmer out, that's when you take notice of how your backyard space or patio looks, and when you go outside, you want to have it looking its best. The last thing you want is to spend time in a yard that doesn't feel inspiring or inviting. Fortunately, there are many creative gardeners and decorators out there who like to share their DIY ideas and products online so you can spruce up your patio and backyard and make a space that you can entertain and have family and friends over. There are plenty of easy and fun DIY projects that can be added to your backyard space. You will find everything from giving your vertical space a colorful lift by attaching hanging baskets filled with flowers around the fence line for a beautiful border. Other things you can do with your fence is adorned it with hanging baskets. There are also a project that adds colorful butterfly sculptures in their garden. The nice thing about these fun diy projects is that many of them use items that you already have around the house, so they are inexpensive to do and will breathe new life into your backyard space.

1. For starters, this do it yourself home improvement idea uses simple empty coffee cans to raise a flower garden to a whole new level. By recycling the empty painted coffees cans and attaching them to the fence, it gives the appearance of floating flowers. A simple coat of bright paint on the cans gives them a whole new look, and you can plant whatever flowers you like for plenty of color throughout.

2. Another fun DIY projects that come from a gardening and decorating site gives the vertical space on a fence a colorful lift by attaching hanging flower baskets full of cascading flowers for a lovely border. This is another opportunity to plant some of your favorite flowers and add some beautiful flowers to the yard.

3. This do it yourself home improvement is one of the most unique and sure to be a popular one. In addition to flowers on the fence or as a separate project you might add some colorful butterfly sculptures taking flight along the fence. When attaching the butterfly sculptures, it helps to have them all going in the same direction for an effect that everyone will love. The contrast of the red on the fence is a beautiful addition that is easy to do.

4. Another diy idea that is easy to do and uses light to its advantage is by drilling holes in the fence boards and then placing new marbles into the drilled holes. By using new marbles, they will fit into the holes better then antique marbles and will add a whole colorful palette into your outdoor backyard space.

5. This is when Christmas lights can be used anytime of year for a fence effect that will look good long after the sun goes down. A simple wrapping of white holiday lights provides a beautifully lit space for entertaining throughout the warmer months.

6. Another fun DIY idea is to use your fence to create a rustic display of agriculturally themed signs and antique gardening tools.

7. This easy do it yourself project just needs some paint and paintbrushes to create a simple mural design that will look good all year round. You will want to take a look at the whimsical tree growing in a former bare spot of the yard.

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