10,000 Year Old Human Remains Found In Underwater Cave In Mexico Shed Light On Ancient Migrations

More and more information and artifacts are being revealed almost every day, it seems to be happening more and more that we are seeing ancient artifacts that are coming to the surface. Like this 10,000 Year Old Human Remains Found In Underwater Cave In Mexico Shed Light On Ancient Migrations. This skull, along with several other skulls was found in a cenote, which is an underground cave pool. The cenotes were mostly located around Tulum, where these skulls were found, although there are cenotes all over the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Archaeologists are trying to decipher the migration of people to Mexico area and see what information these ancient skulls have to offer.

There are many pieces of evidence that would lead people to believe that the Native people of North and South America came from Asia. They even said in this article, that the skulls very much looked to be more Asian and differed greatly from the skulls of the Native people in North America that they have found up to date. This one was a lot older as well, dating back 10, 000 years, or some of them even 13, 000 years. 3 of the skulls were found in the Naharon cenote, Los Palmas cenote, and the Temple cenote. And at least one of them may have fallen in accidentally and a couple were thrown in on purpose.

The mayan people many years later, would use these cenotes as a sacrificial pit where they would throw in live or dead bodies as sacrifices to their gods. They believe that the Native group came after the people from the Ice Age, and that the ones from the Ice Age reached the land by crossing the Bering Straight and then the second wave of immigrants came around 8, 000 years ago. They have yet to do DNA testing on these skulls, but it will be interesting to hear what they find out when they are tested. I am sure that their current thoughts will prove to be correct, but there might even be some more information about the skulls that will prove to be interesting.

There are definitely so many unknowns in our world still, and some of the information that is being found these days could very well re write history! For people who don't like to be surprised, they could be in for some tumultuous times, but for those who embrace the unknown and love to hear about new discoveries, this is an amazing time to be alive. All of the technology we have is being harnessed in so many different ways than we ever thought possible and we are learning more and more every day. We are also more connected than before through technology, so it is a perfect chance to be able to spread the word and let people know about all of these amazing discoveries. If you would like to know more about these skulls that are being found, this is an excellent article to start with, and there are also others on the web.

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