11 Affordable Kitchen Utensils That Will Change Your Life

All it takes to cook good food are nice ingredients and right utensils in hand. There are actually numerous kinds of kitchen tools, cookware, and utensils. Each has different functions and use. Here are 11 tools you might want to keep in your kitchen to make cooking fun, easy and worry-free.

1. A cutting board with measurement. Not that we look at the sizes when we eat the food, but sometimes, it shoots up the presentation score.

2. An onion holder which will save your hands from the odour. Isn't it cool? No more artificial tears!

3. A corn on the cob scraper Ė because itís not really safe to use those knives for this job.

4. A fresh herb grinder for your garnish!

5. Round metals that measure pasta because you donít want to prepare more than what you need to serve.

6. A mango cutter because it helps you ensure that the fruit will not slide from your hands as you cut.

7. A jalapeno de-seeder thatís more convenient than any pointy object you can find.

8. Cake batter dispenser to make sure youíre pouring it evenly on those containers.

9. A strainer top so you wonít have to transfer again and again whenever you need to drain.

10. A julienne slicer because itís hard to use the traditional knife in getting those thin long measurements.

11. A sunny-side up egg separator because it keeps the yolk intact and helps you be able to cook more than one egg in a pan.

Now that you already know some of the kitchen utensils that will help you save time while preparing ingredients for cooking, itís time for you to implement and use it next time when you plan cooking your favourite recipe. Share this to your friends and enjoy!

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