11 Craziest Discoveries From Wikileaks (Watch Video)

You will want to see the 11 craziest new discoveries from Wikileaks in this trending video. This video exposes many of the viral trending news and trending videos from Wikileaks. With more than 5,700,000 views you know it's going to be good.

1. Sarah Palinís email. This happened just before the 2008 United States Presidential election when Wikileaks had published the contents of the Republican Vice-Presidential running mate at the time, Sarah Palin. This was when Palin's Yahoo account was hacked by the online group known as Anonymous, and the contents of her account were sent to Wikileaks, which published two of them to include her contact list and her family photos. The McCain campaign called the leak a shocking invasion of the Governorís privacy. This was when it was discovered that Palin was using the private email account to conduct her official business, as a way to allegedly avoid public record and retention laws.

2. The Trafigura Health Study is another of the Wikileaks. This leak happened in 2009 when Wikileaks published an internal study written by scientist John Milton that evaluated the ill health effects of Trafiguraís plan to dump oil processing waste just off the coast of Africa. The draft report stated that the chemical processes that were being used by the company to help cleanse the gasoline were inferior and would have added dangerous Sulphur compounds into the water if left untreated. These compounds in the water could cause severe skin permanent burns, ulcerations, corneal eye damage, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of consciousness, and in some cases death.

3. On the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Wikileaks posted more than 500,000 pager messages that were sent following the initial 911 attacks. According to Wikileaks, the text pagers were usually carried by people who were operating in an official capacity, to include those employed by the Pentagon, the FBI, FEMA and the New York City Police Department. While some of the messages were from those officials, most of the pages were from ordinary people. A debate ensued whether publishing these personal messages was in the public interest. A spokesman for Wikileaks defended the action saying it was just another building block to help get a fuller picture of what happened on that day.

4. How to stop leaks document. This was a not so subtle bit of irony when Wikileaks published a British military manual that was titled the Defence Manual of Security, or Joint Services Protocol 440. This dealt with how to best avoid information from leaking out to the public.

5. The Podesta emails are another of the Wikileaks. This one happened leading up to the United States Presidential election between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump when Wikileaks published emails from the hacked account of Hilary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, just weeks before Election Day. The emails of Clintons provided an in-depth look at the campaign and revealed many things that the Clinton team would not want to be made public. In response to these leaks, the Clinton campaign did not reject to the authenticity of the emails but rather instead focused on the fact that the emails were stolen property that was allegedly hacked by the Russian government which they said was trying to influence the United States election.

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