11 Extremely Useful Hacks That Will Turn You into a Cleaning God

Cleaning tips like these could prove to be very valuable to you. Here are 11 extremely useful hacks that will turn you into a cleaning god. If you're looking for more natural ways of doing things around the home, the first place to look is within your cleaning product collection. Many home cleaners are more toxic than we know and can cause harm to us and our families. Many home cleaners aren't good for animals either and they surely aren't good for the environment. So it's helpful to know some good recipes for natural cleaning products to keep your home clean and green. The Environmental Working Group website also features a list of many different cleaning supplies on the market and grades them with a score from high to low depending on the level of toxicity. They test each of the products for the chemicals in them so you know what you're buying. The website also features the same kind of scoring on different food products showing you which ones are the most organic and all natural. You can also download an app from their website that will make on the go shopping much easier. Just pull out your phone and look up items that are on the grocery store shelves for their grade.

Getting around to cleaning the house can be painful enough. Finding the time to do it when you have a busy schedule seems so difficult at times. That's why it's awesome to have handy cleaning tips like these ones under your belt so you can breeze through your cleaning routine in no time. One of the best ways to clean your whole house efficiently is to start from the top and work your way down. So start upstairs and work your way down. Start up high dusting light fixtures first and then work your way around the room top to bottom in a counter clockwise fashion beginning and ending at the door. It's when we start getting side tracked that our cleaning focus seems to go out the window, so if you have a system in place you'll be all set. This list of cleaning tips from the Bright Side website gives us some heavy duty cleaning tips, ones that could be implemented for those spring cleans or if you're first moving into a place. These are the tips you need if things have gone way beyond clean and you need more effective cleaning power.

Most of them use all natural home cleaners too, which is awesome. They also share with us some recipe for natural cleaning products like the car seat cleaning solution that can be made out of dish soap, baking soda, vinegar and water. You just let the solution sit on the car seats for a while and then scrub away the stains with a tough brush. You can also clean your micro fibre furniture in a similar way by using some rubbing alcohol to get out nasty stains and brushing them with a hard brush. Some of the most simple fixes only require some white distilled vinegar. Did you know you can clean out your washing machine with just some vinegar? Pour vinegar in like you would your laundry soap and run it through the hottest setting with no clothes and your washing machine will be sparkly clean. Which means no more mildewy smell. If you've ever gotten marker on your wood flooring or furniture, just use toothpaste to get out the stains. Check out all 11 of these awesome cleaning tips and be sure to try them in your home to see how well they work for you.***

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