11 Health Habits From Thailand

When it comes to natural holistic health, Thailand seems to be where it's at. There is a certain magic about Thailand when it comes to their healthy food and culture. With things like affordable massages, mindful culture, and amazing food, Thailand seems to have it right. In Thailand healthy living and natural holistic health is a way of life from the cooking, practicing yoga and meditation, Buddhism, essential oils and more. Thailand is much more than a beach vacation it is a place where you will find healthy food, healthy living, and culture wherever you go. The following are just some of the 11 healthy habits that people in Thailand live by.

1. People in Thailand don't really eat meals like they do in the West. That is to say that they don't sit down at specific times such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner but rather eat here and there all day long. It's not that they are constantly snacking on unhealthy foods it's just that with the amazing amount and quality of street food they are always munching on something, and don't limit or restrict themselves to feeling hungry or binge. Because they are keeping their metabolisms revved up all day long they are healthy.

2. In the west, it seems that everyone is going gluten free. But in Thailand no one eats gluten, it's a way of life. In Thai cuisine, rice is the main grain, and they make amazing noodles out of rice too. In Thailand, you will even find that their desserts are made of rice with desserts like mango with sticky rice and a rice pudding with sweetened coconut milk. Eating gluten is not part of their natural holistic health because when your body can't break gluten down it can mess with your digestion, skin, weight, and immunity. For the Thai people, gluten isn't a part of their regular diet. You won't find a bunch of health products labeled gluten free but rather a culture that naturally lives that way.

3. When it comes to natural holistic health, you will find many people giving up dairy. In Thailand, they don't eat dairy. They just don't eat it. They choose coconut milk over cows milk 100 percent of the time and are healthier for it.

4. Another part of the natural holistic health in Thailand is that they are crazy for coconuts. They use coconut milk in everything. In every dessert, you find in Thailand they are coconut milk based. You will also find coconut used in their curry recipes, soups, and other main course ideas. And it isn't uncommon to find a meal that has a coconut milk-based soup, then a coconut milk-based curry dish, which is then finished by a coconut milk-based dessert.

5. In Thailand, the people are obsessed with sun protection. You will find people in Thailand look youthful because they cover themselves from head to toe. The reason Thai people cover themselves is not for natural holistic health but more so because billboards and ads make them believe that the whiter they are, the more beautiful they are. So sadly they cover themselves because of this, but the good thing is that they protect their skin in doing so.

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