11 Ways Advertisers Make Food Look Delicious, Are They Tricking You?

Advertising was created to sell goods and services to the consumer, and advertisers use tactics to lure the consumer to buy something. Here are 11 Ways Advertisers Make Food Look Delicious, Are They Tricking You? Some would be happy to just blindly follow what the advertisements plastered all over our billboards and in our magazines, on our televisions and all over the internet. But most people are getting smarter than that and realizing that the advertisers just make you feel like you need the product so badly that you will go out and buy it, when you can probably just get creative and use something you have at home.

One of the main tactics when advertising food to make it look delicious, is to trick you into thinking it looks like that in real life. For example, one of the tricks this article mentions that advertisers use in commercials and adds, is glue in milk or yogurt. I highly doubt anyone would want that in their real food... The lengths they go to to display the food they are trying to sell to us is incredible and almost crazy as you will read in this article. Making sure everything is just 'so' for people to have a good reaction to the food being presented.

How do you think they get sauce to stay on ice cream so perfectly for the photo shoots, under those hot lights and lamps? Do they even use ice cream? Maybe they just use something entirely different! Or the meat in the commercials, how do they get it to steam so perfectly, and look like it is cooked to perfection? Is it even cooked? Are they just tricking us? I would have to say so... It gives us all a very high standard of perfection to measure up to as well, which is not the most fair.

Salads in food photography are created for the vegetables to look fresh and appetizing, composed with a view to creating appealing textures, shapes and colors. To improve support and aid in the composition, typically salad in a bowl is built around a smaller bowl placed upside down in the outer bowl. Salad greens are kept fresh and crisp by misting them with cold water prior to composition. Salad dressing is not normally used, as it makes the salad slippery and difficult to style, but the appearance of dressing may be created by sprinkling herbs and spices over the wet salad, or mixing them in oil and applying it with a brush.

Hamburger photography is challenging because the buns dent easily and an assembled burger is quick to lose its visual appeal under the hot photography lights. When assembling the burger, the ingredients are held in place with toothpicks and the meaty interior of tomato slices is removed to avoid juice discoloring the ingredients. Sandwiches are assembled using similar techniques. Wet paper towels are used to prevent the bread from drying out. If a half sandwich is to be depicted, the bread and the components are individually sliced with scissors and assembled in place.

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