12 Better Ways to Enjoy Strawberries This Summer

Strawberries are one of nature's finest creations and what better way to enjoy these yummy berries than with this list of 12 Better Ways to Enjoy Strawberries This Summer? Everyone loves strawberry season, when strawberries are at their freshest. Just about in time for summer, fresh strawberries start becoming more available and can be eaten straight from the plant, or bought in your local grocery store or farmer's market. But you also don't have to wait until strawberry season to enjoy strawberries, as you can freeze fresh strawberries to enjoy year round or buy them frozen at your grocery store. There are also canned strawberries but frozen strawberries are the next best thing if you can't have fresh strawberries. Not only are strawberries really tasty, they also have a lot of great nutrients in them. The nutritional value of strawberries is very high in vitamin C which is great for giving your immune system a good boost, they are also very high in manganese, and dietary fibre as well as being high in potassium. Of course, fresh strawberries are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, but they are quite high in sugar, so you want to be sure you eat them in moderation, just as anything.

The nutritional value of strawberries is going to be the highest the fresher they are, and when they are eaten raw, although eating them cooked or dried will still give you some of the nutritional benefits. Raw and fresh strawberries can be enjoyed just on their own eaten whole or sliced, or they can be enjoyed in a lovely fruit salad with other fruits such as oranges, apples, bananas and blueberries. Many people like to enjoy strawberries in their smoothie recipes mixed with other fruits and maybe some almond milk. A really great and healthy smoothie recipe that tastes like a strawberry milkshake without the high fat is to take some fresh strawberries, a frozen banana and some almond milk and blend it up in your blender. This strawberry smoothie recipe will taste a lot like a strawberry milkshake and as a bonus it is super healthy for you. Other strawberry recipes include easy strawberry desserts and treats that you can find on the internet. In fact, this list of 12 ways to enjoy strawberries shows us a couple of easy strawberry recipes to make. Number two on the list shows us how to make our strawberry into a little cup that you can fill with the filling of your choice. Perhaps some whipped cream or cream cheese filling, or maybe a chocolate mouse would taste divine. Another one of the easy strawberry desserts recipes from the list shows us how to take strawberries and make them into adorable chocolate covered strawberry hearts. They look so cute and would taste amazing.

If you want to grow your own strawberries in your backyard or on a balcony at your apartment or condo, then there is also a great tutorial they mention in the list as well. Strawberry plants are actually pretty easy to grow and once you have them in your garden or in a container garden, they will come back every year to produce more strawberries. You will also lear a bunch of great tips and tricks on how to hull and slice strawberries easier to make them easier to use in your easy strawberry desserts and other recipes. Enjoy having a look through the list and have fun trying some of these helpful tips out. Thank you to the folks over at the Country Living website for sharing these great tips with us.*

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