13 Genius Baking Hacks That値l Turn You Into a Master Baker

You will love these 13 Genius Baking Hacks That値l Turn You Into a Master Baker. You can never have too many food hacks and diy kitchen hacks for taking your baking ideas to the next level. These 13 baking food hacks will change the way you do things in the kitchen for ever. From how to deal with getting that egg shell out of the bowl to burned cookies, these kitchen hack ideas should be read by everyone. Baking like anything is one of those things that gets better with practice. But while practice does help you become a better baker there are going to be times when you need diy kitchen hacks or food hacks to help with the little mishaps that happen in your kitchen. Or you might just need some food hacks to make things a little easier.

One of the food hacks that everyone can probably use now and again is how to scoop up stray eggshells. Even the most experienced cook can have a stray eggshell every now and again. The best diy kitchen hacks to remedy this is by wetting your fingers so you can easily remove all the little pieces of eggshell. Another of the food hacks on the list is how to salvage burned cookies. It's easy to overbake a batch of cookies, all it takes is a little too much time in the oven, and you realize your cookie batch has been scorched. Instead of throwing those cookies in the garbage you'll want to try this kitchen hack of using either a box grater or a microplane zester. Simply grate or micro plane the burn right off the cookie, no one will be the wiser. The next diy kitchen hacks is how to decorate a cake in five seconds. Sometimes you don't have a lot of time to finish decorating the cake, so using a cookie cutter and some rainbow sprinkles you can create all sorts of colorful shapes, styles and letters depending on what you have available. You can also try reversing the design and leaving the number or design white for a beautiful cake design everyone will love.

Another of the food hacks you will love is this fun idea for making whipped cream recipes. Instead of mixing it with a blender you can put it in a mason jar and try shaking it. This is a fun diy kitchen hacks for the kids to try, it'll keep them busy, and they'll feel so proud of themselves. This balloon food hacks is a use for balloons that you probably never thought of. To do, simply inflate balloons, then melt the chocolate, dip the balloons into chocolate, set and pop the balloons. What you will have is a gorgeous, edible chocolate bowl that can be used to hold anything from berries to chocolate mousse recipes. The following food hacks will change the way you look at cupcakes with a cupcake sandwich recipe you will love. To make this fun food hacks recipe idea, you slice off the bottom half of the cupcake and then place it on top of the icing. Another different take on cupcake food hacks is letting the oven frost your cupcakes for you. This diy kitchen hacks saves you the frosting step in your cupcake recipes. All it takes is a bag of large marshmallows and about five minutes in the oven. Just place a large marshmallow on top of each cupcake and you will have a melted marshmallow smores like topping. With so many food hacks, diy kitchen hacks and kitchen hack to try you are sure to want to spend more time in the kitchen. *

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