13 Quick and Easy Hasselback Chicken Recipes That Are Perfect for a Weeknight

Healthy living doesn't have to be hard, and it can be made especially easy when you have some great recipes up your sleeve. These 12 quick and easy Hassleback chicken recipes are perfect for any weeknight. If you eat a lot of chicken for meals in your household, you know that the same old lightly seasoned chicken breasts can get pretty boring over time. Of course, it is easier to get into a routine of how you make your meals, and some meal recipes can take extra time that you don't want to waste before getting dinner on the table. So that's why it's nice to have a fallback recipe that you are familiar with, but these easy chicken breast recipes are so simple to learn how to make, that they could quickly fall into your weekly menu with no problem. But what is Hasselback anyway? You may have seen recipes for Hasselback chicken or potatoes before and wondered why they are called Hasselback in the first place. Hasselback potatoes were created at the Hasselbacken hotel and restaurant located in Stockholm, Sweden. The recipe consists of baking potatoes with slices made in them just close enough to the bottom to still be held together. Then, the spaces between the potato slices are filled with various fillings like cheese.

Hasselback chicken is the meat variation of the potato recipe and involves cutting the meat while its raw, just like you would cut the Hassleback potatoes, just an inch or so above the bottom so it is still together at the bottom. Then, you fill the spaces with the toppings you like. These 13 recipes featured on Tip Hero share so many great ideas of fillings for your Hassleback chicken recipes, which might just be some of the best chicken recipes you try. There are cheese filled chicken recipes like the Cajun chicken filled with pepper jack cheese and spinach, as well as the Bacon and cheese stuffed chicken that everyone is sure to love. For the pizza lovers in the household, there's even a Pizza Hassleback chicken recipe that has all of your favourite pizza toppings and spices. These easy chicken breast recipes will take less than 30 minutes to make and they don't require much more work than the simple chicken recipes you currently prepare. Plus, it would be such a nice way to spice things up during the week and have a really savoury, delicious meal.

All the best chicken recipes are made with free range, happy chickens, which is some thing you can remember when you are purchasing chicken meat to use in your recipes. Non-organic chickens can be raised in less than appealing environments, crowded together and given antibiotics to keep them from spreading sickness to each other. Happy chickens are raised on healthy farms that give them enough space to live and run around freely. They also don't have all of the antibiotics and hormones that the other chickens would have. You can also buy chicken from local farms or, if you have enough space you could consider raising them in your own yard. You could have healthy eggs and chicken to feed your family. But of course, when that is not available, you can always buy the organic free range eggs and chicken from your local grocery store. Enjoy these delicious chicken recipes and make them a part of your weekly menu. To fit with healthy living, try a nice fresh salad and some brown rice with any of these easy chicken breast recipes, or have them with a nice side of cooked vegetables that suit the recipe's flavour pallet.***

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