13 Seriously Clever Things Your Kitchen Is Missing

Of all the rooms in our homes, the kitchen is one of the places we spend the most time, and make the most mess. Here are 13 seriously clever things your kitchen is missing. Your kitchen could begin as the kitchen of your dreams, but you can't deny that there are always room for improvements. Especially those improvements that make our lives easier. The easier your kitchen is to keep clean and tidy, the easier it is to make food when it's time, which is why these real life hacks are life savers. Being organized just helps everything run so smoothly, which is why people love lists of clever solutions like this one from The Huffington Post website. Some of them will probably have you wondering why you didn't think of that first, and hopefully you'll even start implementing your favourite ones into your kitchen. Sure, there are always containers and gadgets you can buy that help to organize your space, but what if you didn't have to spend all of that money to make some beneficial changes to your kitchen? Sometimes a visit to the dollar store is all you need, or maybe you already have some of these items lying around your home.

For example, using the skirt and pant hangers for closing chip bags is such a great idea, and how many of those do you get every time you buy yourself or your kids clothes? The next time you buy clothes that come with one of these hangers with the clips, take them home with you. You could even ask the cashier for a few extra if you need more. Another great idea that's featured on the list is using magazine file folders to stack water bottles in. Just lay the box on it's longer side with the opening facing outward and stack your family's water bottles in them. It really makes a difference as a space saver in your cabinets. We all need a place to store away our cleaning supplies, and the back of a door is the perfect place to do that. Just get a plastic shoe holder that drapes over a closet door and use all of the pockets to put your bottles of cleaners away. It looks so organized and neat, and it's out of the way. Other storage solutions can be implemented into your kitchen cabinetry like a slide out pot hanger that holds all your pots vertically. No more clanging and clambering to get the pot you need to use. Or, how about getting some slidable drawer inserts to maximize the usable space within a drawer?

If you're an avid baker or cook, having measuring cups and spoons is key. In the list, there's a great idea for storing your measuring cups and spoons on hooks inside a top cabinet door. Paint the inside of the cabinet door with black chalkboard paint and you can also scribble down measuring equivalents so you don't have to do the guess work. One of the most genius innovations is the cutting board drawer, and not only is it an accessible cutting board, it also has a hole that scraps can be pushed through into the garbage. Instead of using up space on the kitchen counter, it gives you a whole new surface to work on. This could be fairly easy to make too. Since we're in the age of technology, having accessibility to power outlets means everything, so there are a few ideas on how to implement more charging stations that won't get in the way of other kitchen business, keeping phones off the kitchen counter. Enjoy checking out these real life hacks that promise to make our lives easier.***

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