13 Weird Things You Can Surprisingly Mail

Who doesn't love getting mail? Even though personal mail seems to be less of a regular occurrence for most people, it doesn't mean it's any less exciting to recieve it. Here are 13 things you can surprisingly mail. Thanks to The Krazy Coupon Lady website, you can learn about all of these awesome things that you can send to someone to brighten up their day. In the age of technology we're in, people can message each other with just a click of a button. It's a great tool to use to stay connected in these hectic times, but the art of letter writing and snail mail is such a special thing that shouldn't fade away. If you were a child in the 90s, you may have had a pen pal, a friend who lived far away that you could write letters to. It was so fun to write the messages and send them off in the mail and receive one back that was just as special. You maybe even remember passing notes in class, which also holds positive memories that last a lifetime. Now everyone is just a comment away from sharing their thoughts and ideas which is great, but it can also take the vital essence out of the act of communication.

So if you miss getting mail, why not send some to someone you care for or ask if they want to exchange letters and be pen pals? This would be a really fun thing for kids to do and would balance all of the high tech activities to do. But letters aren't the only thing you can send in the mail, so this list will help you to see all of the other awesome things you can safely mail. Some of the fun things for kids to mail would be a hoola hoop or a frisbee, all you have to do is take it to the post office and pay for it to be shipped to it's destination. Think of how excited someone would be to receive one of these cool toys in the mail. You can also mail rubber balls or something known as an AniMail. The AniMails can be ordered from a website and cost only $10 US, and you can even choose the animal that gets mailed out. You can write little messages all over the animal before you mail it off for $3. If you want to send a box of candy, you don't even need to wrap it in paper, just get the postage stickers on it at the post office and it will be delivered to it's destination. Just think how happy your friend would be to get some candy in the mail, that's enough to brighten up anyone's day.

There are also some foods on the list that you can mail, like a coconut from Kauai, Hawaii. You can write a message on your coconut and they will mail it from the island to anywhere in the world. That would be a cool thing to send someone to they knew you were thinking of them while they were away. Another food you can mail is a potato, not sure why anyone would want to mail a potato to someone, but it's possible if you want to. There are some great diy ideas in here for birthday parcels too. You can make a piñata and send that in the mail for someone's birthday, or you can box up a helium filled balloon that will rise up out of the box when it's opened. Enjoy all of these cool ideas and find other activities to do on the The Krazy Coupon Lady website.***

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