14 Foods You've Been Cutting The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

It doesn’t matter how much time you have spent in the kitchen, you can always learn something new, everyday. Be open to it, and you will be surprised that there are still things that you are doing wrong in that department. Take the cutting of some food for example. You think you know these all too well, but there just might be foods that you have been cutting wrong all this time. Here are some of them that you would want to check out and once you find out that what you’re doing is wrong, you’d probably want to change that as soon as possible.

1. Kiwi-all you need to do is to cut it in half in the middle and scoop its fillings using a spoon as if trying to get it out from a bowl. It is going to be a lot easier than peeling it and it will surely save you more time.

2. Pomegranate-find the nub of this fruit and cut it on top. Cut a small piece of it at the bottom then follow its ridges. Now cut just a small amount of it enough that you could get through its skin. That’s it!

3. Avocado-cut it in half jut like how you cut a kiwi. You can easily enjoy its fillings as well like you’re eating in a bowl.

4. Cake-the right way to cut a cake is not by cutting it like a pie. Take your knife and cut it straight from the center and make sure that it’s from end to end. Do it again as if cutting it like a loaf of bread. Squish the remaining together.

If you want to know the other foods that you have been cutting wrong your entire life, check out the website “Distractify” below.

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