15 Beautiful Off Grid Homes We Would Like to Live In

How about an off-grid home, planted in a cornfield. Sounds rather picturesque does it not.

We find this asymmetrical A-frame silhouette structure in the rural heart of Ontario's Lake Huron. Cornfields and grass fields surround this structure. Modern yet traditional. This structure offers minimal impact on the environment surrounding it.

The structure measures 925 square feet in size. The client had lots of support and help from craftsmen, family, and local farmers to build the home.

The water source comes from an adjacent home. The use of solar roof panel's generate the energy that is required to energize the house. The very long porch is an interesting feature. The length of it allows you a long walk out to view the surrounding landscape. This metal structure has finely grated sides and is off the ground. Anyone that lives in the country knows that this will help to minimize the visitations of mice and others unwelcome visitors.

They used triple glaze windows on a steel clad exterior. The heat is easily kept in with this high efficiency design. These same windows strategically placed can be opened in the summer to allow for a cross breeze.

The smart, clean design ensures a non cluttered, liveable home. The interior is a crisp white color with accents of wood and steel. There is a very high-pitched roof that offers space for the loft.

There is a general designing rule. Light colors make an area look larger while dark colors make it feel smaller. When you are decorating your home, you can 'bring a wall closer' just by painting in dark and the opposite applies to creating visual space.

If you are in the process of designing a new home, there doubt that the more your look at, the more opportunities you will have to see what you like and don't like for your own lifestyle.

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