15 Delicious Potato Salads That You Should Try If You Love Food

Potato salad is a great side dish to so many things! Potatoes in general are a great food because they are so versatile and can be really jazzed right up or left casual and rustic. I love potato salads - both cold and warm - and I find myself definitely making more of them during this hot season!

Being of German descent, potatoes were a food item that you’d see night after night on the dining room table. Dad loves his classic boiled potatoes with a little bit of butter, salt and pepper. That’s it. No sauces, herbs, or even different preparations…just simply boiled potatoes. I soon learned that this would be an impossible way to continue having dinner so I would always chop up some fresh herbs, or make different flavored butters, even combine the main course foods together with my boiled potatoes to make them at least taste different. I guess we all know the meal as hash. A bunch of things all smashed around together, sometimes baked, with the star being those yummy spuds! Mmm.

Being creative with an ingredient like potatoes is super easy, really because all those incredible flavors incorporate themselves ever so easily!! Also, being a starch, potatoes are filling, which means that you can take that side-dish portion and add this, sprinkle in that, or incorporate those, and voi-la, you’ll have a filling and sometimes even balanced main course.

So this weekend is the annual boat races and that means I’ll be entertaining Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Being summer and having to feed a bunch of sailors, I figured potato salad but meal form is the way to go. Also, its something I can prepare in advance, keep in my extra fridge and we’re good to go! I love being as organized as possible on such affairs. Besides, who wants to have potato skins and other chopped ends and disposals lying around when those cuties are trolling around your kitchen??

Going through a few sites, I found some recipes that worked perfectly as full meals. Hearty, delicious, and super easy to throw together. Most of the recipes involved loading up your classic spud salad up with bold or smoky flavors, extra greens, cheeses, and lets not forget bacon. This was great for my weekend of entertaining as it allowed me to just make one big batch of potatoes (the base) and then flavor customize according to each big batch!

When you think of potato salad you often think of that classic potato salad recipe that grandma used to make, with lots of mayonnaise and boiled potatos, it was good but potato salad has come along way from those days. How does potato salad with bacon and Sriracha sauce sound? Or how about roasted potatoes tossed in maple syrup, and chopped bacon for a warm side salad you won't forget? Then for those that want to make sure they get their daily dose of veggies into the day, you can add some avocado to your potato salad. Potato salads never looked so good!

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