15 Dogs Who Would Like To Have A Word With Their Owners About A Haircut

Some dog owners will do everything to make their pet look fashionable, trendy and hip by grooming them. Unfortunately, not all of these people have quite made their dogs look appealing with their idea of giving them a good haircut. You will certainly laugh when you see how some dogs turned out to look funny and a little bit inappropriate for the style of cut that their owners chose for them. And if these canines could talk, they'd definitely like to have a word with their owners for such terrible haircuts.

Like shaping your dog's fur into a kid's jumpsuit from OshKosh b'gosh is really not a good idea. Perhaps its owner thought it was cute and funny at the same time, but c'mon! That doesn't look neat at all and your dog might just be arrested by the fashion police! But okay, we'll let you get away with it if you did it just to be hilarious.

We would like to also suggest not to give your dogs a goatee or a Mohawk for their next haircut. They will no doubt get the attention of anyone who will look at them, but that attention will also be drawn to you since you're the owner. And that kind of attention might not be something you'd like to have. But again, if you want a conversation starter, then you got yourself one if you have your dog with you looking like an old Shaolin master or a country singer.

Just a piece of fashion advice here, when shaving your dog's fur, be consistent with it. Don't shave half of their body and leave the other half looking like you forgot to finish it.

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