15 Must-Know Cooking Tips

Featuring "15 Must-Know Cooking Tips". Home cooks spend so much time cooking and preparing our food for themselves and their families. But do you know that there are a lot of common mistakes that people make? We all could use some tips to do things right in that area. If you are wondering what those are, then you have come to the right page. Today you will get some must-know cooking tips that you probably havenít encountered until now. Working in the kitchen will be so much easier with these simple guides.

1.Seasoning The Meat: Before you cook your meat, itís best that you season it. You may already know this, but you would be surprised to know that there are still a lot of home cooks that do not put any salt on their meats until after they cook them. If you do not put the salt pre-cooking on the meat or while you are cooking the meat, it will make the meat blander.

2.Use Butter: Never use margarine when your recipe needs butter. Margarine is made from oil that is emulsified with liquid. The worst that happens when you donít use real butter is that margarine tends to separate once heated. This could simply ruin the entire chemistry of a good recipe. Not to mention that real butter makes your food taste so much better.

3.Heating Your Oil: Only do this when youíre sure that youíre ready to cook. Overheating the oil could make the food taste burnt and stale. Make sure that heat is on the right temperature. Donít make it too high or too low before placing anything there to be cooked.

4.Cook By Batch: this applies especially when youíre trying to fry something using a skillet. Never crowd the food that you want to cook attempting to do large amounts at one time. You just will not get a good result.

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