17 Aluminum Foil Tricks

We are all familiar with what aluminum foil is and its purpose. Most, if not all the time, we use it to wrap our food. But aluminum foil does much more than just wrap up food. It really is a good thing to have in your kitchen cabinets, as it can do all sorts of things from eliminating static in the dryer, to polishing silver. You'll want to take a look at these kitchen tips and see if there are any that can help you.

Aluminum foil can be a great help around the house. Try using it next time as a laundry tip as dryer sheets. To use this do it yourself dryer sheet, just roll up a couple of sheets of aluminum foil and shape them into looking a ball. Then place in your dryer and your clothing will be static-free afterwards. Aluminum foil can be used as a cleaning tip for polishing silver. You can clean your silver jewelry or anything silver with this cleaning tip. Just use a piece of aluminum foil, add some baking soda and make sure that you wash it with some boiling water and voila! Your silver will look good as new after this process. Another household tip can be as a paint protector for door knobs. Anytime you are painting a door and you don't want paint to get on to your door handles, put some aluminum foil on it and your problem is solved.

Another cleaning tip for aluminum foil is as a rust remover. Just rub it along with some water on a rusty surface and see how quickly the rust is gone. Another aluminum foil cleaning tip is for the barbecue grill. Instead of u sing toxic chemicals to clean your grill, just crumple up some aluminum foil and scrub away! You can also use aluminum foil for this household tip of battery extension. If you are in need of some AA batteries, but don't have any around the house. Use some AAA batteries, and use the aluminum foil to make up for the space for the connection.

Other kitchen tips you can use aluminum foil for include using it on the tips of your bananas, this kitchen tip will help to keep your bananas from turning brown longer. You can also use aluminium foil around the crust of a pie you are baking to keep it from burning. If you have some scissors that are a bit on the dull side, try cutting into some aluminum foil, this kitchen tip should have your scissors sharper in no time. Another kitchen tip you can try with aluminum foil, if you are in need of a funnel, you can shape some aluminum foil into one, and you are ready to go! Another kitchen tip you can try, is when you need somewhere to pour some kitchen grease use some aluminum foil, when the grease solidifies you can get rid of it.

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