19 Gross Kitchen Habits You Probably Definitely Have

We could all stand to add to our lists of housecleaning tips, especially when it comes to kitchen cleaning tips. These are 19 Gross Kitchen Habits You Probably Definitely Have. When it comes to the kitchen, things tend to get a little messy, especially if you are making your own meals each and every day. You will know how quickly the messes accumulate and how much of a pain they can be to clean up. But the good news is we all make a complete mess out of our kitchens when we cook healthy meals at home. You have to do all of the prep work for cooking which includes chopping, dicing, shredding and sometimes blending or food processing and all of these methods requires things get a little bit messy. Then you have the baking messes which are hard to keep under control with all of the flour flying and the sugar sprinkling all over the counter and the floor. And of course the meat preparation where things can get really grimy and gross. When you are preparing meat there is also the concern of contamination as well, ecoli with beef and salmonella with chicken meat.

There are so many awesome kitchen cleaning tips out there, and more of them are starting to be all natural house cleaning tips that don't require you to use harsh chemicals when cleaning your house. These useful tips for life at home can be found on the internet, where we can pretty much find any kind of information on any topic we can think up. Many of the all natural house cleaning methods use ingredients like baking soda or white vinegar and even apple cider vinegar to clean your house. Others teach you how to implement essential oils into your cleaning routine to not only clean your house but infuse the air in your home with healing essences that have a positive effect on the body as well. All of these natural cleaning methods are way more beneficial and safe for our families than using the chemical mixtures that you can buy in the store. These harsh chemicals are not very good for ourselves or the environment, and we want to be sure that we are not dumping toxic chemicals into our waterways as well. The simplest home made cleaning solution is to use vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle, and to use baking soda as a powder cleanser much like you would with a product like comet.

You will totally be able to identify with these 19 Gross Kitchen Habits that we all most likely have or have done at one point in our lives. Buzz Feed is always creating awesome lists like this one to either inspire us, make us laugh or in this case create some common ground where people can relate to one another through real life experiences. This is a great way to take the pressure off of being perfect or thinking that everyone else has a much tidier life than you do. We are all human and we all make messes. What are some of the kitchen messes that you can relate with from this collection of photos on Buzz Feed? It is true that if any of our kitchens had to pass a health inspection we might end up failing it. There are useful tips for life like making sure that you are disinfecting your cutting boards, utensils and pans after cooking meat in them, or making sure to change your dishwashing cloth or sponge often. These kinds of things are easy to buy and very affordable as well, so you shouldn't put it off too long. Check out all of the 19 gross kitchen habits and see which ones you do.*

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