2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cupcakes

If you are like me and enjoy using vegetables in your garden combined with some household kitchen items to make tasty muffins and cupcakes, this article is written for you. When you are looking for ways to incorporate that extra zucchini you have or the pumpkin in the garden, or even all those carrots, try using these vegetables to make healthy cupcakes! Pumpkin and vanilla spiced cupcakes! Chocolate chip zucchini bread! Carrot and raisins cake! The combinations are all tasty and good for you.

You can make cupcakes using the vegetables (usually shredded or in puree) and in addition to being able to freeze the items, you can also top these good-for-you cakes with some sprinkled icing sugar and even picky eating toddlers-to-teens will enjoy them. Soon you family will love these healthy variations so you don't have to sneak the vegetables via puree and can let the chunks be not-so-subtle in these veggie-cakes, to ensure they have eaten enough servings throughout the day. Often recipes call for icing sugar on the tops of the cupcakes, but my family would layer slices of strawberries in between cakes and slices of bananas and chocolate bits on top instead. I did see a recipe for icing sugar that was colored with beet juice to give a nice soft pink color instead of red food coloring.

The veggie-cakes don't always have to be sweet. There are some terrific jalapeno pepper, chives and cheese ones or savory ones incorporating: bacon, onions, carrot, zucchini and cheese. They are great snacks and finger-foods and can be frozen if made in large portions and these are way healthier than cake. They aren't too sweet and add tons of flavor while making moist wholesome snacks. You can even customize your cupcakes to make them extra healthy by using things like whole wheat flour, coconut oil and yogurt. While researching other veggie-cake combinations, I came across the website for 'My Incredible Recipes' and they had this "2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cupcakes" recipe listed. It was simple and called for a cake mix and pumpkin puree. I used a very healthy cake mix I had instead of a store bought one and used the pumpkin puree as mentioned. A dash of spices and a sprinkle of toasted nuts and raisins and out of the oven came these tender moist delicious pumpkin cupcakes!

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