20 Evil Children Who Will Haunt Your Dream

Do you like looking at old photos? Or do they some times give you the creeps? I personally love looking at old photos when they have some interesting appeal. You can find a lot of old weird photos on the internet these days but the people over at The Ghost Diaries web site may have found some of the most creepy ones yet. These photos they have posted all of children, are bizarre and some quite disturbing honestly... They might give you the chills if you take them too seriously. I just find them strange and intriguing.

Some made me laugh out loud because they are so odd and made me question what the parents were thinking when taking these photos of their children! The baby with the full on large saw?! That is super weird, but also makes me laugh because I think to myself, why the saw? Was the dad a wood worker and they want the baby to follow in his foot steps? OR Were they putting it beside the kid just to be able to see how small or big he was at that time? Who knows! Then there's the one of a kid with a gas mask on? Where were they that they needed gas masks and why would a parent be so morbid and want to remember that moment. Or maybe it was just for a laugh! You just never can be too sure unless you were there. But I admit it is sure fun to have a look through and wonder what they were thinking or what the story was that was happening at that moment in time. I don't feel these children were evil at all and they definitely will not haunt my dreams as the title says. But you be the judge of that for yourself! Check it out here at the 'Ghost Diaries' website link below.

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