20 Healthy Alternatives to Potato Chips

North Americans love their potato chips, and there are so many different kinds to choose from too! They aren't always the healthiest option though, so here are 20 Healthy Alternatives to Potato Chips for you to try next time you have a craving. Lots of the potato chip flavors are artificial and they use nasty chemicals to create the flavors that are made to taste like dill pickles, or sour cream and onion or ketchup and BBQ. They are hardly ever the real thing, so that right there is a very unhealthy choice, artificial flavors are not actual food, it is a flavor trying to mimic food.

The other reason chips are not the healthiest, is because they are usually fried in canola oils which are so bad for your cholesterol. The potatoes have very little of their natural nutrition left because they have been processed so much. So these healthier options are awesome if you want something that will taste good and be good for you. Why not grab some tortilla chips and salsa? That is a healthy snack, especially if you eat fresh home made salsa too. You can also make sweet potato fries or chips by baking slices of sweet potato. You could even do this with some regular potatoes and then just put your own toppings on them.

Or try some zucchini tossed in some panko bread crumbs. Actually pretty much any veggie could be made into a crunchy snack by putting panko bread crumbs on them before baking! Even kale chips are awesome and they are super easy to make too! I make them all the time with the kale from our garden. You can put sea salt on them or some garlic powder, even some chili powder for some extra spice!

Another healthy alternative to high calorie potato chips is Baked Pickles, yes you heard that right, baked pickles. Coat the pickles in an egg wash and panko crumbs before baking. Or how about trying some baked asparagus fries. Trim asparagus spears, dip into egg yolks and coat in a mixture of ground almond and panko crumbs. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with any dip you'd like. You can see the common theme in a lot of these healthy version recipes, they are all baked, baking has you do away with all the oil that gets soaked into the food, making the unhealthy and high in calories, when you bake you have none of that, you just have to be sure to cook the recipe at the correct temperature and for the right amount of time, so you get the level of crunchiness you want.

Other baked healthy alternatives to potato chips are baked avocado fries, baked cheesy bacon crisps, baked beet chips, baked polenta fries, baked daikon chips, radish chips, baked carrot fries, baked mozzarella sticks and baked broccoli chips. Who would have thought you could make chips out of broccoli? Slice the bottom of the stalk into round shapes, coat with egg yolk and dip into panko crumbs and bake. Save the florets for another snack, is your mouth watering yet?

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