20 Mysterious Alien Artifacts That Should Not Exist

The idea that Aliens existed greatly in the early and successful civilizations and up until this day is increasingly popular. It has been discussed countless times and in countless occasions that the existence of this particular life forms has generated the powerful empires of the Mayans and the Aztecs, as well as of the Incas.

As of late, specific proof in the forms of carved portraiture, stone sculptures, unusual-looking disk with embedded scripts on it, and mysterious antique paintings have been collected in great amounts in different regions and in various locations, some of them include Mexico, Chile and Russia among others.

These artifacts could be regarded as a hoax that aims to deceive the public of reality but it is also considered that a majority of the explanations done by the greater authority of the existence of these items are quite misleading as well especially when further researches had been made regarding the age of the certain artifact and the unusual places it had been discovered by ordinary people.

A popular one is the release of ancient aeroplanes in forms of small sculptures made by people of the ancient civilizations. When aero-engineers decided to construct it in real form for testing, they have discovered that such structure in the similar construction could fly smoothly above the air, and considering that such artifact existed a thousand years ago, it is impossible for it to be of human race origin, rather it could have resulted to the skills and intellect of the Alien species.

The Sri Lanka Meteorite Fossil is another example where scientists discovered a different kind of DNA on the galactic stone suggesting that extraterrestrial life is indeed possible.

Paintings also curves the course of history as mysterious painters from the ancient times created their artworks with specific details that include the presence of disc-shaped flying objects which existence they might have been fully aware of, as well as painting of metal orbs incorporated with the Father,son and Holy Spirit, these paintings are namely 'The Madonna and Saint Giovannino and UFO' as the former, and the latter being 'The Glorification of the Eucharist '.

Other discovered Artifacts that are allegedly of Alien origin included The Williams Enigmalith, Phaistos Disc, Baltic Sea anomaly, Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone, Istanbul rocket ship, Pacalís Sarcophagus, Lolladoff Plate, The Guatemala stone head

The summerís triumph tapestry, Disco Colgante, French UFO coin, The Mexican Governmentís Maya Artifacts, The Ubaid Lizard Men, The Russian UFO Tooth Wheel and The Betz Mystery Sphere.

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