21 Amazing Things to Make with Nutella

I love Nutella! Seriously, what is not to love about the chocolaty spread? Thankfully, the Food Network has been more creative than dipping their fingers in a jar, and have come up with these 21 Amazing Things to Make with Nutella. For those of you who may not be familiar with Nutella, it is an Italian sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread made from sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, and a few other ingredients. Originally sold as Pasta Gianduja, a solid block of hazelnuts, and then later as a creamy version called Supercrema, by Pietro Ferrero in the 1940’s. Pietro’s son Michele, revamped Supercrema modifying its composition and marketed the first jar of Nutella on April 20th 1964. Instantly, the product was a success, and remains so to this day. It has actually recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and February 5th is now World Nutella Day. How fun is that? So now you have a day where you can make some of these treats in celebration of this hazelnut chocolate spread.

So, onto the amazing things you can make with this sweet spread! You love bacon, right? Who doesn’t? But, what about bacon, peanut butter and Nutella between two slices of bread? This is so simple, you don’t even need a recipe; it’s made to taste. Just try it before you knock it, it would probably be pretty decent. You won’t be disappointed. But if you aren’t ready to go the whole way with something like that, try smothering some crispy bacon strips with Nutella. This is sure to be a crowd – and stomach – pleaser! Bacon goes so well with sweet flavours. Another previously savoury dish – ravioli – is turned into amazing crispy pockets of chocolaty deliciousness. Ravioli shells can be purchased or you can make them from scratch, and the rest is simple: just simply add Nutella, deep fry and enjoy! But if you don’t like the really far-out concepts, why not consider banana bread with sweet Nutella swirls, or Nutella caramel swirl cheesecake bars? Those sound really good, don't they? And super simple to make too! Kids would even love to try and make some of the stuff on this list.

Nutella is often marketed as a breakfast toast spread for children but there is absolutely nothing childish about these Nutella deserts. (Ferrero was actually sued in the United States for false advertising claims that Nutella is “part of a nutritious breakfast”, but nutritious or not, it certainly is delicious!) I personally would not enjoy having this chocolate spread on toast, let alone for breakfast. But in a dessert, that makes more sense! From churros to donuts, cupcakes to milkshakes, tarts to roulade’s and beyond, these 21 recipes are sure to please. Try some out the next time you are having a sweet tooth craving. Check out these Nutella recipes at the Food Network as well as tons of other great recipes!

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