21 Most Unbelievable Toilets (Watch Video)

You have to see this video of the 21 most unbelievable toilets. Of all the trending videos, bet you never thought one on toilets would get 5,618,324 views. But this one did because of the super cool toilets featured in it. Everyone needs a toilet, and of course, there must be toilets out in public for people to use while they're out and about dining or shopping. Generally, you'll see just the typical porcelain toilets like you have at home, but some places really go all out with their bathroom fixtures and make them statement pieces. Can you imagine the world without toilets? Well, at one point there were no toilets that resembled what we know and use these days. Most often a toilet would be nothing more than a hole in the ground or a bowl or a pot. Some countries still use more primitive style toilets, which works fine for them, but in our larger cities and centers, it would be a disaster if there were no toilets. In ancient Rome, toilets were included in bath houses, and they were actually public. These public toilets were not public in the sense that we know today, with walls around each toilet and a door you can lock, no, these toilets were right beside each other in a bench design. Aren't you glad the modern day toilet was created?

Of course, the usual toilet is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done, and at least you don't have to go to a bathhouse and sit with others while you do your business. One of the first most unbelievable toilets in this list will be the wide open mouth urinals at the B25 Club in Bucharest, quite the funny design that probably gets a lot of laughs when they're in use. One of the biggest problems in urban centers is the issue of public urination, which could be curbed by the pop-up toilets that many cities are installing. The toilets pop up from under the ground around 10 p.m., and then go back down around 3 am to stop people from using the street as a toilet. In Amsterdam, they have public urinals that are available for use all day long, but the urine collected from them is actually recycled into something useful. It's actually used as fertilizer for plants believe it or not. If you like Star trends and want to have the full-on star treatment, you'll want to see the gold plated toilet that Kim and Kanye have included in their home design. Apparently, they have a few throughout their home, of course, they would.

One of the other public toilets in the video is a little strange. The walls are made of one -way glass, that looks like a mirror from the outside, but the person on the inside can see out to the world around them just fine. If the room is kept dark no one can see in, but if there's a bright light shining within, you'll be seen. Not the best toilet for people who hate going in public, to begin with. Or how about a leather chair with a built in toilet? This could be perfect for a Homer Simpson style home design. Did you know that the UK has the worst public toilets in the world? The bathrooms in Greece and France are also pretty dirty. One of the coolest toilets in this video of toilet trends is the fish tank toilet. The fish live in the tank behind the toilet providing a cool ambiance to the bathroom. Check out all 21 of these interesting toilets and more trending videos on the Wacky Universe YouTube channel.***

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