23 Pics Collection Of Funny Horses

Get ready to laugh uncontrollably, in fact this incredible 23 pics collection of funny horses is sure to make you laugh until you are horse! Ranging from pictures of horses doing incredible and probably impossible things, like riding "bear back", to horses just having a laugh unto themselves, to hilarious horse owners cuddling with their animals this collection is sure to leave you in stitches. Not to mention, there's also a picture of a sumo wrestler riding a horse, a horse dancer as well as a horse passed out atop another nearby horse. Basically if you can imagine a hilarious scenario involving horses, you will find it here.

Everyone loves a good laugh, and horses while being noble and amazing animals rarely are thought of as funny. However, when you get them to do ridiculous things, like carry a bear on their back for instance, the whole scene takes a turn for the hilarious. I wonder what was going through the guy's head who let a bear ride on his horse's back, although it was almost certainly photoshopped, but still. I laughed for ten minutes straight when I first saw this collection of funny horse pics. To me it was not only unique but extremely creative to get horses to do funny things and get a picture of it, especially knowing how hard it is to get a huge animal like a horse to strike poses.

Horses are so hardworking and kind animals that seeing them in crazy circumstances just seems bizarre and hilarious because we don't normally see horses in that light. More often it is cat videos that dominate the funny videos and photos circulating the Internet. Also, you can't help but love the owners in these photos who love their enormous "pets". For instance, the picture of one man "horse-sitting" will surely live on forever in my memory of the funniest photographs I have ever witnessed. His knowing look as he rocks a horse in his lap is just too funny for words. I don't know how horse lovers can do these things without being squashed like an egg, but kudos to them for loving and babying their giant loving friends.

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