25 Amazingly GOOD Vegetarian Recipes

Are you always on the lookout for great vegetarian recipes? Our featured article is going to offer you 25 recipes. There are eight main dishes, seven desserts, five appetizers and six soups and salads.

Just what is allowed in a vegetarian diet? There may be a little confusion about what you can and cannot have. According to a Medical News Today article on the subject, the term means you cannot consume animal products, including sea products. Many that eat a 'mostly' vegetarian diet, still allow themselves dairy products and eggs.

The diet that it gets confused with is the 'vegan diet'. These people do not consume anything from animals, that means not even honey as it comes from a bee. Of course no dairy or eggs. This diet includes fish.

There are four kinds of vegetarians.

Vegans eat plant based foods.

Ovo-vegetarians eat honey, eggs but no dairy.

Lacto-Ovo vegetarians eat honey, dairy, and eggs.

Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy and honey but no eggs.

As with any diet, you want to choose a well-balanced set of foods. You also want to avoid eating to much sugar. You will need to learn how to substitute your proteins by eating tofu and tempeh. By substituting these alternatives, you get rid of toxins and hormones you get from eating meat. This means more energy, nicer skin, and overall better feeling. Having more energy is something everyone will appreciate. You read and hear it all the time that 'you are what you eat'.

One of the recipes you are going to discover in the' main course section' of our featured website is called Asparagus and Two-Cheese Quiche with a Hash Brown Crust. Just reading this, you can well start to imagine the flavors. This meal could be eaten any time of the day.

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