25 Impressive Kitchen Hacks And Cooking Tips

Always looking for a fun and easier way to do things in life? Here are 25 Impressive Kitchen Hacks And Cooking Tips that will have you thinking, "Now why didn't I think of that?" There is every kind of trick in this awesome post that comes to us from Our Daily Ideas web site. Although there is the general old way to do things, why not try a fun and different way to do it. It's important to change up old habits once in a while, it keeps life more interesting. Plus, it makes things much easier once you know of a different way to do something. Which also will possibly save you time and maybe even money!

These 25 kitchen tricks will have you impressing yourself and your friends too! Any kid would love to learn these tricks too. The one with the strawberry and the straw, had me feeling like I should have thought of that before totally! I have heard of some of them before, like putting the baking soda in your hard boiled eggs before you take them out of the water to peel them, and then the peels will come off much easier. Something about how the baking soda activates the shell and helps it detach from the egg easier.

I really love the yogurt one, it would be such an easy and quick summer time snack! Especially if you had people over and wanted a nice cold treat, but didn't want to eat ice cream and have something a little healthier. Some of them help you to recycle and reuse things too, which is always great for the pocket book and the environment. I especially like the one where you can use part of a card board lid with the little opening and attach it to a mason jar lid to pour out salt or sugar! What a great way to recycle! Then you could just refill that container instead of buying a totally brand new one.

The kitchen trick of preserving your fresh herbs in olive oil is the best. How many times have you bought or had fresh herbs in the fridge, only to have them go bad and have to throw them away? With this easy to do kitchen trick you can have fresh herbs to throw into soup and stew recipes any time of the year, and the best thing about it, is nothing will go to waste, and you won't have to run out to the grocery store last minute when you are missing the herbs for a recipe you are cooking up, because you'll have plenty available right in the freezer!

For this kitchen trick all you need are the fresh herbs that you have either purchased or grown on your own, chopped into one inch pieces, some olive oil and an ice cube tray. Make sure to give the fresh herbs a quick wash under some cold water, dry them throughly, making sure to pick off any brown pieces that don't look so good. Be sure to chop up the herbs first, then fit the herbs into each ice cube spot on your tray. You can use whatever herbs you have available from fresh chives, rosemary and thyme. For woody herbs like rosemary and thyme, make sure just to use the herb parts and not the woody stems. It's okay if some of the herbs are sticking out of the tray a bit. Then fill each spot on the ice cube tray with some olive oil. Then freeze, the olive oil will look opaque when they are done. Then when they are done, pop them out of the tray, and put them in a freezer bag, it's that easy!

But seriously, kitchen hacks and tips are the best. The kitchen is the one place in the house where we can spend a lot of time, especially if you have young kids around, and they are always hungry and wanting something to eat. So when it comes to cooking and preparing food, you want any kitchen idea that is going to save you time and help make things easier.

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