25 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Typically a road is defined as a “thoroughfare, route, or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travel by some conveyance.” Have a look at these 25 Most Dangerous Roads and tell me bushwhacking or swamp-wading doesn’t look a little safer! These roads may reach between two places, but the paths travelled aren’t always the safest, easiest or most convenient forms of travel.

Coming in at number 25 is the Trans-Siberian Highway in Russia. One of the longest in the world, this particular road which leads from Vladivostock to St. Petersburg happens to wander through forests, mountains, deserts and just about any other terrain you can imagine. This highway remains largely unpaved and beyond difficult to pass.

Number 23 is the Stelvio Pass Road in the Italian Alps. This 2.7 km stretch is one of the most winding mountain roads. Compared to some of the other routes, this doesn’t seem dangerous but make no mistake – it is known to prove troublesome to drivers.

18 and 19 on the list are two roads in England. While by appearance they don’t seem dangerous – especially when compared with the Trans-Siberian Highway, these roads have seen and been responsible for hundreds of head-on collisions and fatalities.

Just down the list at number 17 is the Sichuan-Tibet Highway in China. Another mountainous road, this is far different than the Italian Alps and actually has a record 7,500 deaths for every 100,000 drivers. This thoroughfare is subject to rock slides and avalanches.

The U.S. lands on the list at number 14 with Route 431. Known as the “Highway to Hell”, this Alabaman road is covered with crosses at the sides to commemorate all the lives the hellish highway has claimed.

Possibly one of the only roads in the world requiring a permit to drive it, number 10 is Skippers Canyon Road, located in New Zealand. This narrow, winding road is a slipper challenge made more challenging by its mountainside terrain and lack of guardrails to keep vehicles plummeting into the waters below.

To view the rest of the 25 Most Dangerous Roads, and to find out where the number one road, the “Road of Death”, is located, please go to the List25 website at the link below.

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