25 Ways to Lemon Use Peels

Lemons are such a versatile citrus fruit, there are so many recipes you can incorporate them in, whether its a savoury or sweet recipe they seem to go with everything. But what to do with all the left over lemon peels? There are more ways to use lemons than just in food, so here are 25 Ways to Lemon Use Peels! This article made its way onto Pinterest so now many people have read it and know how to put those lemon peels to good use. So you should know too!

Who knew there were so many uses for lemon peels? From skincare to making house hold cleaners, this list shares it all! Plus the great thing is it is all natural and eco-friendly! We all love to have that over chemicals these days. Lemons make great cleaners for anything from a stovetop to the inside of your tea pot. I love to put the peels in some water on my stove top like they mention in this article and let them simmer over low heat, the aroma they provide gives a nice fresh scent to my home and provides some humidity on the air, which is great because it can be quite dry here.

The great thing is; these lemons have served many purposes for you if you have used them in a recipe and then for one or a few of these ideas. You can save money on expensive cleaning products and more importantly keep chemicals out of your home. I also had no idea that lemon peels can detract ants from coming into your house if you put them by the entrance they like to come in, it throws off their scent receptors, so they don't want to go any further! Its also great for cockroaches and fleas!

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