27 Clever New Ways To Use Your Kitchen Appliances

Like other recipes they can be transformed or re-invented to make more delicious dishes, isn't it also fascinating to use your kitchen tools to do other tricks? Most kitchen tools and gadgets tend to do the same thing over and over up until to their last breath. But there are several ways to make them do other task that will make you ask yourself, ‘Why didn't I think of that?’ And if kitchen tools can talk they would probably say, ‘I knew I was made for another purpose.’

Just like waffle iron, you can use it to make extra-crispy hash browns and brownies. No need to consume too much oil like you do deep frying hash browns, and you get a nice new look for your homemade brownies. Slow cooker are also ideal for cooking dried beans, onions, baking bread and numerous dishes that is too many to mention. Grab your egg slicer to make perfect strawberries or mozzarella slices. You can also use it for vegetables like mushrooms and other soft fruits. Who says dishwashers are for plates and utensils only? It can also cook food that requires low temperature, just tightly sealed the food on heat-proof containers. Coffee makers are not just for coffees like we all know. It can be use to boil foods like broccoli or eggs. A perfect idea when you’re staying in a hotel. If you want to take out all the lemon juices, your microwave oven will make it easier for you. Zap those lemons for about 20 seconds and squeezing them is a lot easier. Your muffin tins can make big ice cubes that is great for pitcher drinks.

Your kitchen tools and gadgets have so much more to offer that will totally amaze you. They are great helps from cooking to preparing your ingredients. Oh hey, you owe them thanks! Visit 'Living Green and Frugally' website below to learn more.

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